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Chocolate Fantasies

Love chocolate but your waistline doesn’t? Indulge your chocolate fantasies without a single calorie! Cocoa butter provides essential fatty acids to nourish, soften, and protect dry skin while cocoa contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants which help skin to maintain a healthy glow. Alpha lipoic acids, also found naturally in cocoa, help neutralize free-radicals to prevent damage caused by sun, pollution, stress, and alcohol consumption. Just the smell of chocolate is said to release endorphins that elicit feelings of elation and tranquility to relax and renew your mind and spirit. With all of these great benefits, you can choose from an assortment of delectable products to pamper your body and mind and get your fix the guilt-free way!

buttercream frosting bath & shower creme, lotion, body butter, candle, sugar scrub

chocolate silk facial mask

Chocolate Silk
Facial Mask

coffee and chocolate facial mask

Cocoa Cafe
Facial Mask

cocoa cafe sugar scrub

Cocoa Cafe
Sugar Scrub

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