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Scent Descriptions


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Chocolate Fantasies Spa Ritual

Pamper your skin with cocoa-infused treats and delight in the blissful fragrance of chocolate!

Step 1:
Mix Chocolate Silk Facial Mask with desired wetting agent and apply to face and neck.

Step 2:
Warm a Chocolate Soda Potpourri Shot. Run a warm bath with desired amount of Chocolate Silk Bath & Shower Creme and sink into chocolate heaven. Rinse face gently with a washcloth to remove mask and lightly exfoliate.

Step 3:
Polish skin to a delightful glow with Chocolate Silk Brown Sugar Scrub. Simply scoop desired amount from jar and rub between hands, then massage over your body in circular motions. Rinse and enjoy the softening effects of cocoa and shea butters as the scent of warm, rich chocolate lingers on your radiant skin. (Hint: Now is the perfect time to shave, if desired.)

Step 4:
Smooth a layer of Chocolate Silk Body Lotion or Chocolate Silk Body Butter over body to lock in moisture from the shower and keep your skin delectably smooth, silky and scented all day.

Step 5:
To further enhance your chocolate experience, apply our Chocolate Silk Perfume Oil to pulse points any time you need a boost of fragrance.

For a stimulating twist, try substituting our Cocoa Cafe Body Souffle to moisturize and Cocoa Cafe Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and brighten skin.

chocolate silk perfume oil chocolate silk body butter chocolate silk brown sugar scrub chocolate silk facial mask

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