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wax potpourri melts

Potpourri Shots

New limited edition wax Potpourri Melts! A highly scented, slightly softer version of our Potpourri Melts in a convenient package. Now, storage is easier and better than ever! Each Potpourri Shot averages 10 hours of fragrant enjoyment (please keep in mind that fragrances vary...light or volatile fragrances may have a shorter lifespan). Only a limited number of these will be available at a time so stock up on your favorites!

Simply place in your wax-safe melter and savor the aroma wafting through the air. If you have pets or children, we highly recommend the popular candle warmers available in many retail stores. We often use the top of our tart burner shown above and, in a pinch, have even used small soufflé ramekins with our melter to mix, match, and change scents!

$1.80 each


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