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Scent Descriptions


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Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub

Our favorite product since the very first test batch, we love how amazingly soft and smooth our skin feels and you will, too! Shea and cocoa butters nourish skin while natural sugar crystals polish your body to a beautiful glow. Unlike those messy mixes of oils and sugar, our thick, butter-rich scrub formula stays on skin to do its job before transforming into a moisturizing lotion as you rinse. No fuss, no muss, and no waste here! Choose an old favorite or try something new...smooth, radiant skin will be revealed!

Be sure to choose your scent and select an additive to dress it up. For those who love colorful scrubs, you can now request skin-safe dye by choosing "add color" in the drop-down menu below. Please note: Skin-safe dyes are added at our discretion and will depend on the chosen additive. (Peach Daiquiri with peach extract and Peaches & Cream with vanilla beans shown above. See below for other customers' chosen combos!)


Scent Descriptions

Sample Blends
Acai Berry + Acai Flakes
Baby Powder + Orange Jojoba Beads
Bella Princesa + Rose Petals
Candy Corn + Orange & Yellow Jojoba Beads (special order)
Cheesecake + Strawberry Powder
Chocolate Bliss + Cocoa Beans
Chocolate Espresso + Coffee Beans
Chocoluscious + Cocoa Powder
Cloud Nine + Pink Jojoba Beads
Cocoa Amour + Cocoa Beans
Coconut Grove + Coconut
Coconut Icing + Coconut
Cotton Candy + Strawberry Powder
Creamy Coconut + Coconut
Homespun Sugar + Vanilla Beans
Hot Fudge + Cocoa Powder
Island Nectar + Green Tea
Island Princess + Coconut
Lemon Cloud + Poppy Seeds
Madagascar Vanilla + Vanilla Beans
Mayan Chocolate Mousse + Strawberry Seeds
Mayan Chocolate Mousse + Turbinado Sugar
Milk & Honey + Honey
Sweet Milk + Coffee
Pink Champagne + Rose Petals
Pink Champagne + Strawberry Seeds
Pink Cupcakes + Pink Jojoba Beads
Pink Cupcakes + Strawberry Powder
Pomegranate + Cranberry Seeds
Pomegranate + Poppy Seeds
Pumpkin Cheesecake + Pumpkin Powder
Tangerine Spice + Orange Jojoba Beads
Vanilla Lace + Vanilla Beans
White Peach + Strawberry Powder
White Peach + Peach Powder

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